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The Argyle Life’s view on vandalism: Don’t do it

October 21, 2010

The next post was supposed to be on Google, but current events have lead me to this article.  The Google article is still in the works and should be the next article.

One would think that this would be a standard view shared by all lifestyles and cultures and not just a facit of the argyle lifestyle.  Late Tuesday night I learned the sad reality.  I work at our school’s library and have a late night shift  on Tuesdays.  Like I do for almost everything short of going back to my hometown in Jersey, I ride my bike there and park it in a designated bike lot where there is never less than 25 or so bikes parked.  When I got off my shift at midnight and go to get my bike, I come to find it was the victim of a vandalism attempt.  I say vandalism attempt because it is a pretty high quality mountain bike that is designed to be abused and mostly everything is still intact.  However, the dengus who did it managed to get the chain off, bend the derailer (part of the gear changing mechanism) and provide a host of new paint scratches (which I could care less about).  The chain was an easy fix but the derailer needs professional attention.  Luckily this bike is only about a month old and the shop is going to repair it for free.  But this brings me to my main point…

Which is basically, “What is the point?”  This was a pretty random attack.  No bike around mine looked damaged in anyway (or even knocked down).  Yes, my bike is a nice bike, but it’s not flashy in any way (grey and black).  For a person to really know that it’s a nice bike, they would have to be well versed in the subject.  The odds of it being a personal attack against me are pretty slim.  Even if someone does hold a grudge against me, to know my bike would be a special skill and/or a sick obsession.

From the Argyle Lifestyle’s point of view, random vandalism is one of the lowest things one can ever do short of major crime.  But even that is debatable because at least there is a reason (as poorly formed as it may be) behind most major crimes.  The bottom line is this; It’s not yours, so don’t mess with it.  I got lucky in that the damage wasn’t that bad and I didn’t have to pay to get it fixed.  However it heavily disrupted my very tight and busy schedule which relies on me getting to places much quicker than walking there.  Even if the person was drunk, that’s not an excuse.  Your sober mindset plays into what you might do if your drunk (i.e. if you take things when your drunk, you probably have taken things while you’ve been sober).  In conclusion, don’t be a jerk. Also don’t retaliate if this ever happens to you because you don’t want to sink to their level.  Be the bigger man or woman and report it to the police.  Hopefully they can help prevent things like this happening in the same area again and karma will serve it’s unique brand of justice.

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